The first step is to complete your profile by adding a photo and custom walk-up video and song. The photo will represent you on the Leaderboards and Newsflashes, while the video and song will only fire on the TV when you trigger a Newsflash (by achieving a set goal). 

Let’s get creative and follow these steps:

Step 1 – Log into Hoopla

If you haven't already logged in, go to Depending upon if you are a Salesforce user or not, there are two ways to log in:

  • Received a Hoopla email: Enter your email and password you received.
  • Salesforce Users: Click on the salesforce icon to log in using your Salesforce credentials. 

Step 2 – View Profile

Click your name in the top righthand corner and select View Profile.

Step 3 - Get Creative

Note: If you are a Salesforce user, there are some areas that you cannot update in your profile.

Update your Name and Email.

  • You may also change your password here. 

Choose your Profile Photo. This photo will appear on Leaderboards and Newsflashes!

  1. Click the current image.
  2. Choose a photo from your computer. Square photos work best. Images can be jpeg, png, or gif and less than 200MB. The ideal profile picture size is 300 x 300.
  3. Press Open or Select.

Salesforce Users: Photos in Salesforce will automatically be uploaded; however, you can upload a new photo to show in Hoopla.

Upload your personalized Transition video.

  • This Transition will play (if allowed by your admin) when you trigger a Newsflash on Hoopla TV. We recommend uploading a video that will grab everyone's attention!
  • You have the ability to upload a video or insert a YouTube URL
  • Videos must be MP4 format and less than 200MB
  • YouTube Videos: You can select the start time of the video and the duration that it will play. 

Choose your Song.

  • This song will play (if allowed by your admin) when your picture is shown during the message portion of a Newsflash on Hoopla TV. We recommend uploading a song that fits you and one that will grab everyone's attention!
  • Songs must be MP3 format and edited to start at the best part of the song.

Add your Birthday and Work Anniversary.

  • If your admin has added birthdays and anniversaries to TV channel, you will be included!
  • If you prefer not to share these dates with others, delete them by clicking on the 'x'.

Click Save in the top righthand corner. 

Hoopla Tip: Some other things you can do in Hoopla:

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