Within your Google Sheets account, you can enable our add-on, the Hoopla Helper. Our add-on makes it easy to calculate daily contest scores and Team Metric values that are otherwise difficult to sync automatically. The basic flow goes like this: sync values out of Hoopla and into a Google Sheet, let the Sheet do calculations on those values, then sync the results back into Hoopla for use on Leaderboards, Metric Newsflashes, etc. The beauty of using this add-on is that you can sync Metric values from Hoopla automatically, on a regular basis, so Metric values stay up-to-date once you've completed the initial configuration.

There are currently two main functions within the Hoopla Helper. Click on the links below for detailed instructions.

Set up Team Calculations

  • use this to calculate Team Metric values based on individual player values coming out of existing Hoopla Metrics.

Set up daily contests

  • use this to set up a contest that runs within the span of a workday.
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