Once you've added a Slack Newsflash to a Hoopla Channel, you can trigger it from within Slack, provided that you are an eligible Slack user and you use the "/hoopla" command within an enabled Slack channel.

To post your announcement, type/hoopla [message] in one of the enabled Slack channels, and send.

  • If you want to include a link to unfurl in your Newsflash, you must enter the full web address (i.e. https://www...)
  • We are not able to unfurl URLs from websites that require logins (i.e. Facebook or Salesforce)
  • Link will unfurl after the Newsflash message is displayed on TV

Hoopla will post your specified message to the Hoopla TV Channel(s) to which the Slack Newsflash has been added.

Anyone listed as a Watcher on the Slack Newsflash will be able to view your message in their Activity tab in the web and mobile apps.

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