You can create a custom tab within Salesforce to allow your users to launch and watch selected Hoopla TV channels by following these steps:

  1. As a Salesforce Admin, go to Salesforce Setup and use the quick find to locate the Tabs configuration area. 

  2. Choose new Web tab.

  3. You can select either full page view or 2 column as both will work.

  4. Create a Tab name that will be viewed by users.

  5. You must also select an icon for the tab. Any of them will do.

  6. In the content frame height, change the number to 900.

  7. Nothing is needed for the splash page or description

  8. On the next screen, in the button or URL area, add either: to be able to log into the Hoopla app to view the Activity Feed, Dashboard, and watch channels OR add the Hoopla Channel URL that you want to play within the tab.

  9. Then choose tab visibility options and save.

When your users click on the new tab the first time, they will be asked to login to Hoopla. Have them choose the login with Salesforce and they will now be able to view their Activities, challenge each other to face-offs and watch TV channels without leaving Salesforce. 

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