Hoopla's Twitter step allows you to add Twitter information to your channels. Whether it's tweets from an account, mentions of an account or tweets with a specific hashtag, Twitter enables you to share more information and continue to build your team's culture. You can also add Twitter to your Hoopla ticker feed.

Watch the video or read below for steps on how to implement.

Authenticating the Twitter Integration

Before you're able to use the Twitter step or ticker feed, you must authenticate the Twitter integration.

  1. Go to Configure > Integrations click on Add Integration menu in the upper right corner and select Twitter.

  2. Click on the Twitter tile that was just added to the Integrations page.

  3. Click Authenticate with OAuth to connect to your Twitter account. Note: You can authenticate with ANY Twitter account you choose; it does NOT need to be a company Twitter account.

Adding Twitter to Your Channel Lineup

  1. Select the Hoopla channel that you want to use.

  2. In the left-hand column under Available Steps, you will see the Twitter step.

  3. Drag the Twitter step into your channel lineup (the middle column).

  4. In the right-hand column you will first select a Title (this is what will show in your Hoopla channel).

  5. Select which tweets you would like to display in your channel. Available options are either a) tweets from an account, b) tweets mentioning an account, or c) tweets with certain hashtags.

  6. Type the handle of the Twitter account or hashtag, depending upon what you are showing. Note that the "@" or "#" will already be included, so all you'll need to enter is the Twitter account (e.g. NatGeoPhoto) or Hashtag name (e.g. Motivation).

  7. Specify a number of tweets and the duration of each tweet. For example, if you select 5 tweets for 5 seconds, 5 separate tweets will appear for 5 seconds each.

  8. We recommend clicking the "Mute embedded videos on TV", especially if you are showing tweets from an account that generally plays videos. Some tweets come with embedded videos with sound.

  9. Select a background and a transition.

  10. Click Preview Step before saving to see how it looks.

    Note: If you'd like to display content from multiple twitter accounts, simply repeat the process above until you have added all the twitter content you'd like.

Adding Twitter to Your Channel Ticker

  1. Select the Hoopla channel that you want to use.

  2. Click Ticker, just above Available Steps.

  3. In the left-hand column under Available, you will see the Twitter step.

  4. Drag the Twitter step into your channel lineup (the middle column).

  5. In the right-hand column, enter a Title.

  6. Type in the Twitter username (e.g. @ESPN or tweets from your locate transit authority).

  7. Select the number of tweets.

  8. Click Preview Step before saving.

Here's an example of how the Twitter and ticker feeds will appear in your channel:

Twitter and Ticker Feed in your Hoopla Channel

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