Are you a Slacker and want to stayed engaged and informed? You've come to the right place. Here's everything you need to know about using Slack and Hoopla.

Hoopla to Slack Newsflashes

Once your Hoopla Admin has enabled notifications in Slack channel(s), you will be able to see all Newsflashes within the specified Slack channel(s). You can interact with them the same way you do with all other Slack posts - we recommend commenting words of encouragement and reacting with fun emojis 🥳 👍 . Here's some Newsflash examples:

Metric Newsflash - Metric and Streaming Newsflashes are very similar as they trigger when a specific goal has been met by a player, team, or even the whole company:

Quickfire Newsflash - Quickfire Newsflashes are used to send out a message on the fly. This can be done by logging into Hoopla or through the Hoopla Mobile App. Note: Your Hoopla Admin determines what Quickfires are available and who can send one.

Hoopla to Slack Challenges

If you or your team have been put into a Challenge (e.g. Faceoff, Battle, Race or Tournament), you will see the challenge details and who's involved. Once the challenge has finished, another Slack message will trigger with who won and their results.

Pro Tip: We highly encourage some healthy, competitive smack talk once a challenge starts!

Here's an example of a Battle that has ended:

Posting a Slack Newsflash

If enabled, you can trigger a Newsflash in Slack to appear on a Hoopla TV and/or Slack Channel. It's super easy, just type the "/hoopla" command in the specified Slack channel(s) with a message. Once you hit "enter", your message will appear in the Hoopla channel(s) associated with this Quickfire.

Pro Tip: This is a great way to give Kudos to a coworker or to use for company-wide updates!

Note: Contact your Hoopla Admin to determine which Slack Channel(s) are enabled to send Slack Newsflashes.

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