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Hoopla's Slack Integration now allows you to automate Slack Newsflashes, and even update Metric values, using Slack Patterns. Simply set up patterns for a Hoopla Bot to track within your Slack Channels, and we'll take care of the rest. A Slack pattern is any string of characters you wish to track. You can track anything, such as "Congratulations," "Gut update," or even "Lunch at..." and our Hoopla bot within Slack will take that pattern and apply it to a Newsflash or update a Metric.

*Note: You must have an active Slack account configured in order to use this integration. 


Defining Slack Patterns 

    1. In Configuration, click the Slack tile.

    2. Scroll down to Patterns for Hoopla Bot.

    3. Click Add and select whether to define a Pattern to trigger a Newsflash or update a Metric value. 

    4. Specify a name for this Pattern. 

    5. Specify the Slack channels for which this pattern applies.
      • If you choose a specific channel, we will automatically add the Hoopla Bot to that channel.
      • If you select All Slack channels, you must manually invite the Hoopla Bot to channels where you want this pattern to apply. 

    6. Specify the Slack users for which this pattern applies.

    7. Enter the Pattern 
      • When the word "Congratulations" or "Alert" appears, fire a Newsflash
      • When the words "Closed Won" or "New Trial" appears, increase a Metric value
      • Get even more ideas on our Slack Patterns Example page
      • A pattern is any string of letters or characters that you want your Hoopla Bot to look for in your specified Hoopla Channels; for example:
      • If you want your Hoopla Bot to track a regular expression, you must click on "Show advanced settings" and check the box that says "Treat as regular expression." (For tips on formatting and using regular expressions, check out this help site

    8. If this pattern applies to a Newsflash:
      • Give your Newsflash a Title
      • Select whether to use entire Slack message as Newsflash message or create a message template (you may include capture groups from your regular expression, if applicable)
      • Optionally, add Watchers who can view posted Slack Newsflashes in the Activity tab of the web and mobile apps.

    9. If this pattern applies to a Metric Update:
      • Increase by a specific amount or capture group
      • Decrease by a specific amount or capture group
      • Set to a specific value
      • If you input a Regular Expression in the Patterns box, you may also choose to Increase/Decrease by a capture group

      • Give your Metric Update a Title
      • Select a Metric to update
      • Select a User/Team/Generic Identifier to update
      • Indicate how you wish to update the Metric value
    10. Finally, click OK, and then click Save.

Tip: If you created a Newsflash, don't forget to add it to the Channels you wish to see it fire on.

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