Using Hoopla for Corporate Communications

Want to make the office buzz with excitement?

  • Would you like to know what’s going on in other departments? Hoopla can help your employees stay current with the performance & health of every department, while building an engaging workspace to maintain happy and productive employees.  Hoopla lets you define company culture while keeping up-to-date with every aspect of your organization. With Hoopla, you can be sure your announcements are seen with broadcasts to every TV.


Looking for new & interesting ways to drive company culture?

  • Engaging the entire office just got easier. Share important slide decks, broadcast urgent announcements, and stay current on the latest office trends all in one place. Easily send friendly reminders to the whole office with a simple Slack message.  With a few clicks, you can promote company activities and celebrate individuals to retain talent.  You can even create different channels for each department’s needs.


Check out this demo channel to see how Hoopla can improve Corporate Communication!


How to Create Your Own Corporate Communications Channel

  1. Sign up for a free trial or log in to your existing account.
  2. Define some Metrics under Configuration > Metrics > Add.  Just enter a name and type for each Metric you add; no need to populate values yet. Here are some suggested Corporate Communications metrics to track:
    • Community Service Hours (Type: User, Number)
    • Vacation Hours Taken (Type: User or Team, Number)
    • Employee Satisfaction (Type: Generic, Percentage)
    • Glassdoor Rating (Type: Generic, Number)
    • Company Revenue Goal Attainment (Type: Team or Generic, Percentage)
    • Company Fundraiser Attainment (Type: Generic, Currency or Percentage)
    • OKRs (Type: Generic, Percentage)
  3. To add values to your Metrics, you can either add them manually, or use one of our integrations (we suggest using Google Sheets or Zapier).
  4. Once you have the Metrics above defined, you can create these suggested Leaderboards:
    • Philanthropy  (Type: Team Leaderboard)
      • Metric 1: Community Service Hour
      • Metric 2: Fundraiser Attainment
    • Happy Employees (Type: Player Leaderboard)
      • Metric 1: Vacation Hours Taken
  1. Configure a Quickfire Newsflash that will help you make on-the-fly announcements to your team over Hoopla TV and our web and mobile applications.  Create one called "Birthdays" so your team can congratulate a fellow employee celebrating a birthday!
  2. Configure your Channel by clicking and dragging desired components into your Lineup. Within the Lineup sub-tab, click on “Extras”.  (Most Corporate Communications content will come from this “Extras” section.)
    • Image Step - Company Logo or Office/Team Photo
    • Countdown - Company Event (i.e. Corporate Offsite or Holiday Party)
    • Message Step - Reminder to RSVP to event listed in prior step
    • Image Step - Motivational Quote
    • Number Step - Glassdoor Rating or Employee Satisfaction Survey
    • Leaderboard - Philanthropy Board
    • Website Step - Company Website Homepage
    • Message Step - Cake in the Kitchen or Reminder to Sign-up for Office Potluck
    • Countdown - EOM
    • Image Step -  This month’s anniversaries and/or birthdays
    • Image Step - Make a slide announcing any promotions
    • Website Step - Post the latest weather from your local weather station website
    • Number Step - Total number of Vacation hours taken this year
    • Image Step - Images from an employee’s latest vacation
    • Number Step - Annual Revenue Quota Attainment
    • Website Step - Post the latest weather from your local weather station website
  1. Add Newsflashes to your Channel.
    Within the Newsflashes sub-tab, you should see your “Birthdays” Quickfire Newsflash. Click and drag it into the middle column to add it to your Channel.
  2. Add Ticker sources to your Channel.
    Here are some suggested sources to try:
    1. Twitter Feed - enter your company's Twitter handle (e.g., @hooplasoftware)
    2. RSS Feed - Headlines -

  3. Broadcast your Channel.
    You will need a dedicated device attached to each TV that will display a Hoopla Channel. Check out our hardware requirements before purchasing devices.
    • TV Display Activation - Hoopla TV Activation gives Hoopla Admins the ability to control Hoopla TV Channels remotely, with the click of a button.  This process will also provide security for your Hoopla TV Channels and enable authorized devices - determined by the Admin - to play/view a Hoopla TV Channel.

Other suggested integrations:

  1. Slack - post announcements to Hoopla TV from within Slack!
  2. Zapier - connect with hundreds of other internet apps to update Hoopla Metrics or trigger Newsflashes.
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