Scheduled Segments - FAQ

How can I see past & future Segments?

In the middle column, click into the calendar picker to see events in the past or future.  Grey dots beneath each day indicate a date containing a scheduled Segment; click on that date to see Segment details.

  • If you wish to reuse a segment that has already taken place, you may do so by adjusting the Segment details
    • In the calendar picker, locate the past Segment you wish to use
    • Click into the Segment details and adjust the scheduled details to a future date and time
    • *Note* If you change the Segment details to a different date and time, it will no longer appear in the calendar on it’s formerly defined date & time

What time zone will my schedule be displayed in?

Your Scheduled Segments will display in the local time of the device displaying your channel.  For example, say you configure your Scheduled Segment to display at 8:00 am and you are located in California. The Segment will display at 8:00 am PST on TVs in your office, and at 8:00 am EST on TVs broadcasting that channel in New York.  

Can I schedule two Segments to start at the same time?

No, you may not schedule more than one segment to start at the same time on the same date.  If you accidentally schedule two segments to start at the same time, we've got you covered: you will see a warning message underneath the date & time box and you will be unable to save your channel. 

How do I schedule a contest?

With Scheduled Segments, it’s easy to create contests for your channel! Using the Message Step, Countdown Clock, a Leaderboard and an Image Step, you can present an exciting, customized challenge to engage your team.  Here are some step-by-step instructions for getting a challenge set up in your channel:

  1. Create a New Segment to announce the start of your contest
    • Drag a Message Step into your Scheduled Lineup
    • Define the New Segment’s start date & time, and give your segment a name, like “Start of Contest”
    • Click into the Message Step, write a message that announces your contest and select a flashy transition video to get everyone’s attention
  2. Create a New Segment with your contest details
    • Drag a Countdown Clock into your Scheduled Lineup as a brand new Segment
    • Define the New Segment’s start date & time, repetition frequency and select an end date (don’t forget to give your Segment a name, like “March Madness”)
    • Click into the Countdown Clock and customize the date to reflect your contest’s end date
    • Drag any relevant steps step types into your contest segment, like a Leaderboard and Image step (showing contest rules and prizes).
  3. Feel free to add any additional segments to infuse a little excitement in your contest, like Message steps reminding players how much time is left in the contest or a Profile Leaderboard displaying the current leading player in your contest.
  4. Check out this help article if you want to use our Hoopla Helper in Google to schedule contest specific Leaderboards!

How do I schedule birthdays or anniversaries?

We recommend using Scheduled Segments if you want to prepare birthday or anniversary announcements to broadcast on your Hoopla channel. Using the Message Step, create a Segment for each milestone you want to announce.  This is a great way to prepare content for your channel in one shot, reducing the burden on the admin to add & delete content as needed.  Here are some instructions:

  1. Create a New Segment by dragging a message step into the Scheduled Lineup. 
  2. Configure the details for the Segment
    • Give your Segment a Name (Like "Kate Taylor's Anniversary")
    • Select the date of anniversary as your start date and configure the start time to 8:00am
    • You can either display your announcement once (by selecting Once Daily under "Appearance in Lineup") or display it throughout the day (by selecting "Reappear during the day" and setting the end date/time to the end of the same day)
  3. Configure the message step ("Happy Anniversary Kate!")
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for each birthday & anniversary announcement you want to schedule
  5. Click Save
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