Scheduling Contests in Hoopla

You can automate recurring intra-day contests in Hoopla by combining two of our favorite features: our Google Sheets Add-on and Scheduled Segments.

For example, you may have a call blitz that you run for a couple hours every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Using our handy add-on, set up the contest rules in Google Sheets once, then set up a "Blitz" segment in your Channel that only appears on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The add-on will take care of the scoring for you!

Building a Contest

  1. Set up our Google Sheets integration if you haven't already.

  2. Install the Hoopla Helper add-on into your Google Sheets account.

  3. Create a new Google Sheet that will host your contest; give it a name.

  4. In Hoopla, determine which Metrics you want to use in your contest, and map those Metrics into your Google Sheet. Make sure the mappings are set to sync every 5 minutes.

  5. Once your Hoopla Metrics have synced with your Google Sheet, use the Hoopla Helper add-on within your spreadsheet. (Add-ons > Hoopla Helper > Set up a daily contest)
    1. Specify the Start Time and End Time. Contest scores will be calculated within that window each day. Scores will not be calculated before the start time, nor after the end time.
    2. Click Create Contest.

  6. In Hoopla, create a new Metric that will hold the scores, and then map the Contest Score column from Google to Hoopla

  7. Build a Leaderboard that includes the contest participants and ranks them by the contest score metric.

Scheduling the Contest on TV

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Channels, and edit your Channel. Click on the "Scheduled" tab (middle column).
    1. Use the calendar picker to select the first date on which you want your contest to display.

    2. Drag your Leaderboard to the middle column to create a new Scheduled Segment.

    3. Name the segment, and select the start date and time. (The start time is when your contest segment will interrupt your normal Lineup.)

    4. Under Appearance in Lineup, select "Reappear during the day", then specify the end time. We recommend an hour or two after your contest ends.

    5. Repeat - if you want this contest to appear on your Channel every day, select "Daily". If you want it to appear only certain days of the week, select "Weekly" and check the days of the week on which you want it to display.

    6. Repeat ends - if you want to have this contest show up on the specified days indefinitely, select "Never". If you want to stop displaying this recurring segment at some point, select "On date" and pick an end date.

  2. Click on your contest Leaderboard within your segment, and configure its details in the right-most column.

  3. Optionally, add a Message step to the same Scheduled Segment, explaining the rules of the contest, or the point structure.

  4. Optionally, add a Countdown step to the same Scheduled Segment, counting down to the end of the contest. 

  5. Pro Tip - Announce the Winner - drag the same contest Leaderboard to the middle column to create a new scheduled segment. 
    1. Name the segment "Contest Winner" and schedule it to start right after your original segment ends. The goal is to announce the winner once the contest ends and scores are "frozen" for the day.

    2. Set it to "Reappear during the day" - until you want to stop announcing the day's winner.

    3. Have it repeat on the same schedule as your original contest segment.

    4. Configure the details for the Leaderboard
      1. Display As - Profile.
      2. Title - "Today's Contest Winner"
      3. Subtitle - "Congratulations"
      4. Set a duration, transition, and background.

  6. Save your Channel!
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