What hardware & software is required to use Hoopla?

For each TV, you will need to connect either:


Computer Requirements


For a dedicated computer driving the TV or monitor, the actual requirements will be determined by your configuration. The more steps you configure in a Hoopla TV Channel, the more memory the dedicated computer will need. As a starting point, we require at least 4GB of RAM and a 2GHz (or faster) processor.

  • Note: the number and size of videos used in a channel will have a significant impact on your requirements.

Operating System
As Hoopla TV runs in Google Chrome, it should be possible to run on any platform that can support the Chrome browser with the appropriate CPU/RAM. We recommend a 64-bit operating system running either Windows or Mac.

If you want to broadcast Hoopla TV on a Chromebox your device must have at least 4GB of RAM to run properly.  The HooplaTV app can be found in the Chrome app store; you must access the app store through the Chromebox device to see the HooplaTV app listing. 

What software is required to manage my Hoopla?
As an admin, the Hoopla dashboard can be managed in any of the standard browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer). Be sure to use one of the latest two versions of each browser, to ensure an optimal user experience. We recommend you use a computer with the appropriate CPU/RAM (mentioned above) and a 64-bit operating system running either Windows or Mac.

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