What is Hoopla?

Hoopla allows you to broadcast live performance updates on big-screen TVs in your office or company-wide. Stream key metrics and visual information straight from your CRM system or any excel spreadsheet. Now you can recognize wins the moment they occur, and connect the entire office in a play-to-win team culture.

Your sales reps can see at a glance where they stand, and what they need to do to win. Built with high-velocity sales teams in mind, Hoopla delivers the key features you need to motivate your team and score more wins.

How Do I Get Started With Hoopla?

  1. Add Users individually or in Teams
  2. Pull Metrics from Salesforce or any Excel file.
  3. Build dynamic Channels for each department or office, and turn any display into your own company broadcasting system.
  4. Inform, engage, and motivate employees through TVs all over the office and on the interactive Mobile app.

What Features Does Hoopla Provide?

  1. Leaderboards- Hoopla’s sports-style leaderboards make it easy to track individual and team progress in an exciting visual format. Leveraging the power of gamification, reps can see at a glance where they stand, and what they need to do to win. 
  2. Faceoff- Any user can challenge another user, and the entire competition is tracked and scored on Hoopla TV channels around the office.
  3. Newsflashes- Celebrate wins and key events with newsflashes personalized with songs, video, and photos.
  4. Salesforce Integration- Any data available in a Salesforce report can be tracked, ranked, and broadcast through Hoopla.
  5. Track Key Metrics- Define and track any business metric and broadcast them through Hoopla. Metrics can be updated from any Excel file or through Salesforce. 
  6. Metric Newsflashes help you and your team celebrate important achievements the moment they happen.
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