Leaderboards are the main way that Players and Teams compete. Each Leaderboard is a stack-ranked list of Players or Teams, based on the current Metric values. You can have up to four Metrics per Leaderboard, all of which are included in the ranking calculation.


What is a Leaderboard?

When you view a Leaderboard on Hoopla TV, the web app, or the mobile app, you're seeing a stack-ranked list of Players or Teams that are being measured on one or more Metrics.

Leaderboards are the best way to consistently encourage the right behaviors, because participants clearly see what Metrics are important and how they are performing. Healthy competition is a great way to drive performance with your team and make the workplace fun!


What can I see on the Leaderboards Tab?

In the Leaderboards tab, users are able to view all Leaderboards to which they have been added as either a Player or Watcher. 

Users can click any Leaderboard to see ranking details and Metric values.


If you're an admin, learn how to configure Player and Team Leaderboards in these articles:

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