How do I update my player profile?

  1. In the top right corner, click the dropdown menu that includes your name.
    • Click View Profile

  2. Add your Name and Email.  
    • You may also change your password here. 

  3. Choose your Profile Photo.
    • Click the current image. 
    • Choose a photo from your computer. Square photos work best.
    • Press Open or Select.

  4. Upload your personalized Transition video or image.
    • This Transition will play when you trigger a Newsflash on Hoopla TV. We recommend uploading a video that will grab everyone's attention!
    • Videos must be mp4 format and less than 200MB
    • Images can be jpeg, png, or gif and less than 200MB

  5. Choose your Walk-Up Song.
    • Download any song from YouTube or iTunes. 
    • Convert the song to an MP3. 
      • Note: there are many sites that allow you to download, convert and shorten songs. 
    • It's best if your song is at least the same length as your Newsflash configuration. We suggest 15-30 seconds. 
    • You have the option to change or delete your player song should you decide to at a future time 

  6. Add your Birthday and Work Anniversary.
    • If your admin has added birthdays and anniversaries to TV channel, you will be included!
    • If you prefer not to share these dates with others, delete them by clicking on the 'x'.
  7. Press Save
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