Hoopla Mobile enables you to view Leaderboards and celebrate important achievements from your iOS or Android device. You will receive notifications when team members hit milestones, and you can personalize your own milestone announcements with a photo and message. Managers can track Metrics, receive push notifications about team progress, and check Leaderboard rankings while on-the-go.


Downloading the App

  1. Hoopla Mobile is available in the Apple App Store and in Google Play.

  2. Download the app on your iOS or Android device. (Links are provided above.)

  3. Log in with the same credentials you use for the web app.
Mobile App Basics

Hoopla Mobile consists of three tabs:

Leaderboards gives you a list view of all Leaderboards on which you are a Player or a Watcher. You can click any Player or Team Leaderboard to view its details. If you are a Player viewing the details of a Player Leaderboard, you can click on any of the other players to see a comparison view and challenge that person to a Faceoff.

Quickfire allows you and your team to make announcements on the fly, without having to trigger the Newsflash with a Metric update or some other integration. Go into the Quickfire tab, select which Newsflash you want to fire, write a message and click Fire! 

The Activity tab is broken into two sections: To Do and Recent. To Do contains all of your pending Newsflashes and Faceoff invites. Recent is a chronological list of events tied to Faceoffs and Newsflashes by other players who relate to you.

Use the Leaderboard tab to:

  • view Player and Team Leaderboards
  • see how you stack up against your teammates
  • challenge a peer to a Faceoff
  • manage your team
  • keep an eye on the metrics that drive your business

Use the Quickfire tab to:

  • post a Quickfire Newsflash on the go (like at a big conference or event)
  • thank the SDRs for helping you close a big deal
  • give a shoutout to the product team for releasing a cool new feature

Use the Activity tab to:

  • personalize and post Newsflashes - celebrate your achievements!
  • accept or reject Faceoff requests
  • get a play-by-play summary of your team's activities
  • view important Faceoff updates

When the app is backgrounded, you will receive push notifications for Newsflashes on which you are a Player or Watcher, and Faceoff events for Leaderboards on which you are a Player or Watcher. These notifications will appear as popups when you're actively viewing the app. 

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