Creating a Channel

A Hoopla TV Channel is where you organize your Leaderboards, Newsflashes, and other content to make it broadcast-ready. You may want to create a unique Channel for each office or each role, or create one Channel for your whole company - it's up to you!


Configuring a Channel

  1. From the Configuration tab, click Channels.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Give your Channel a name. This will not appear anywhere outside the admin view.

  4. Optionally, add Watchers for the Channel. People and teams added as Watchers will be able to view the Channel from the Watch Channels tab when logged in to Hoopla.

  5. Start with the Lineup tab. Your Lineup will repeat in a loop, based on the order you've specified.
    • Select from the available step types in the left-most column, and drag the ones you want on the Channel to the Lineup (middle column).
      • If you have any Segments configured, you'll find them in the "Available Segments" sub-tab. You can click and drag them into your Lineup just like steps.
    • Configure the display details of each step in the right-most column. This is where you choose videos and images to be used as backgrounds.
    • You can reorder the items in your Lineup at any time. Just click and drag them into position.
      • Newsflashes will always stay at the top. They don't have a fixed place in the Lineup. Instead, they interrupt the broadcast whenever they trigger.
    • For more information on the different Lineup components, see this article.

  6. The Newsflash tile works differently. Adding a Newsflash to your Channel means your Lineup will be briefly interrupted when players trigger Newsflashes. Don't worry - the Lineup continues after a Newsflash is done playing!
    • To add a Newsflash to the Channel, select the Newsflash tile in the left column, then drag to the middle column, the Lineup.
    • Configure the display details for the Newsflash in the right column.
      • When "Display Value" is enabled, Hoopla TV will display the player's new metric value when a Metric Newsflash is posted. This only affects Metric Newsflashes.
      • Select a Transition video or image. This video will play to announce a Newsflash event. If you want your Newsflash to be attention grabbing, choose something exciting!
      • By default, we'll play each player's personal transition, if they've uploaded one to their profile. Otherwise, we'll play the transition you've selected. To disable custom player transitions, uncheck that setting underneath your current Transition selection.
      • Select a Background video or image.
      • Set a Duration - this is how long the main Newsflash will display; the duration setting does not affect the Transition.
      • Advanced Settings - here, you have the option to select what kind of walk-up song you would like to use for this Newsflash. Your choices are:
        • Use Player Song - the song uploaded by the recognized Player will play. If a Player does not have a profile song, no song will play.
        • Use Player Song or Default - the song uploaded by the recognized Player will play. If a Player does not have a profile song, then a song of your choosing will play.
        • Use Specific Song - Only a song of your choosing will play. Player songs will be ignored.
        • Use No Song - no song will play during the Newsflash event. Note that the Transition may still have sound.

  7. Click the Ticker tab. The Ticker scrolls across the bottom of your Channel. The order in which you place your sources determines the order in which they display on the TV.
    • Select from the available Sources on the left.
    • Drag your selection to the Lineup.
    • Configure the source details on the right.

  8. You can reorder the items in your Lineup to fine-tune your Channel. 

  9. Click Save and broadcast your masterpiece! (See section below.)

Hot Tip: You can trick-out your Channel by uploading your own Custom Content!


Broadcasting a Channel

1. Have a computer connected to a big screen TV. HDMI cables work great!

  1. On that computer, open Chrome and navigate to
  2. Take note of the activation code shown on the screen.
  3. In the Hoopla admin console, go to Configuration > TV Displays and click Activate. Enter the activation code and a name for the device, then assign a Channel; save.
  4. In the Chrome toolbar, click ViewEnter Presentation Mode to go full-screen.
  5. Ensure that the computer's settings are adjusted to avoid the computer or display from going to sleep.

2. Use a Chromebox and activate it using the steps above. Check out our hardware guide for more details.


What hardware is required to broadcast Hoopla TV?

Please check out this article for our hardware recommendations.

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