Hoopla and Salesforce API credits

Hoopla uses Salesforce API credits to update Metrics and support Streaming Newsflashes. 

Ask your Salesforce System Admin how many API credits you have to determine how often you can update Metrics. More frequent report runs will cost more in terms of API credits. For Metric updates, the calculation is as follows: 

  • Typically, Hoopla will take ~2-3 calls per report run; once to start, and once to reap the report.
  • If it takes more than 1 minute, it will take another call, or more.
  • Later, when time ranges are established, Hoopla will make another call to get the user’s timezone, at most once per hour (cached).

If you're using Streaming Newsflashes, those count against your Salesforce Push Topic API limits. When a Newsflash is triggered, Hoopla usually makes 1 or 2 API calls to get the information you want to display about the event.


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