Hoopla Business Edition FAQ

How is Hoopla Business Edition different than Hoopla for Salesforce?

  • Hoopla Business frees you from having to integrate with Salesforce in order to display performance data. This allows you to track any metric you’d like, from number of closed deals to number of burgers eaten.
  • You can update Hoopla data by uploading a spreadsheet, manually changing values, or integrating with Google Sheets.
  • Players get to be more directly involved by personalizing and posting their Metric Newsflashes to TV and Mobile.
  • With the new “Watcher” capability, managers and executives can easily stay apprised of team progress and activity.

Can I create contests in Hoopla Business?

  • Hoopla Business focuses on Leaderboards and Newsflashes, rather than time-boxed contests. Since Leaderboards run continuously, they promote consistent performance across your team. Newsflashes recognize people for achieving important goals, encouraging them to continue to perform well.
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