Activity Tab

What does the Activity Tab Include?

The Activity Tab consists of two sections:

  1. The To Do section lists all items you need to complete, including:
    • Newsflashes you have triggered that need to be personalized & posted
    • Pending Faceoff requests that you need to accept or reject

  2. The Recent section shows you the following:
    • Your previously triggered Newsflashes
    • Posted Newsflashes from Players with whom you share Actions
    • Updates about your Faceoffs and Faceoffs between other Players on your Leaderboard(s)

How to repost a Newsflash?

If you would like to repost a Newsflash that has already fired on the TV, you may do so from the Activity Tab.

  1. In the Recent section, click into any Newsflash detail (the repost option is available for all Newsflash types)
  2. On the right side of the Newsflash detail page, click on the Repost button
  3. There is no limit to the number of times you can repost a Newsflash, as long as it is listed in your Recent Activity
  4. By default, only Admins listed as Players or Watchers on the Newsflash can Repost; to allow non-Admins to Repost, you must adjust permissions settings within each Newsflash configuration
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