This section will cover the basic steps to add Users to Hoopla and organize them into Teams.


What are Teams?

As an admin, you can group Users into Teams to help you better organize people on Leaderboards and Newsflashes. When you assign a Team to a Leaderboard or Newsflash, the membership of the Team determines the membership of the Leaderboard or Newsflash. This means less work for you in maintaining accurate membership on each and every Leaderboard and Newsflash! You can also nest Teams within a Team, making the creation of larger teams much easier.

Here's an example:

  • I've created two Teams: "Account Executives" and "Sales Development Reps"
  • I can then create a third Team called "Sales Team", which consists of the "Account Executives" and "Sales Development Reps" Teams.
  • Every time I add or remove players in the "Account Executives" or "Sales Development Reps" Teams, the members in the "Sales Team" are updated.
  • If I apply any of these Teams to a Leaderboard or Newsflash, the members of that Leaderboard or Newsflash will always reflect the members of the Team.

Creating a Team

Organizing Users into Teams helps streamline the creation of Metrics, Leaderboards, and Newsflashes. The Team feature also helps you maintain accurate membership across Leaderboards and Newsflashes in Hoopla; each time someone is added or removed from a Team, they are also added or removed from any Leaderboards or Newsflashes with which that Team is associated.

Here's how to create a Team manually:

  1. Go to Configuration > Users and Teams.
  2. Click Teams.
  3. Click Add.
  4. Enter a name for the Team.
  5. Optionally, add a Team photo and song.
  6. Select the members of the Team. Note: you may also add other Teams to this Team.
  7. Click Save
Check out this article if you want to create and manage a Team automatically, using a Salesforce report.

Why can't I add certain Teams to another Team?

You can create nested Teams, e.g., "Sales Team" consists of Teams "Sales Development Reps" and "Account Executives". However, there is one limitation to how you nest your Teams. You cannot create an infinite loop, where a Team definition is self-referencing.

Example of a self-referencing scenario:

  • "Sales" team includes the "West Coast" team
  • "West Coast" consists of "Sales" and "Customer Support" teams

Hoopla will prevent you from creating self-referencing Teams, which means that you may not see certain Teams listed in your available options when building a new Team.

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