Authorizing the Salesforce Connector

Who should authorize the Salesforce connector?

The biggest thing to consider:

Hoopla's Users, Teams, Metrics, and Data Tables will update based on the Salesforce reports you map them to. Hoopla "views" those reports from the perspective of the authorizing user, so make sure that he has access to all the appropriate reports AND the fields used in those reports.

Unfortunately, Salesforce's extensive set of permissions and restrictions can result in two users viewing the exact same report with different results. For example, Rob may see the "Calls This Week" report as a summary report grouped by the "SDR" user field, while Sarah sees the "Calls This Week" report as a tabular report not grouped at all. This could lead to errors if Sarah is the authorizing user for the Hoopla-Salesforce connector.

There are two ways to handle the example above:

  1. Give Sarah access to the "SDR" user field, by adjusting the field-level permissions and/or her profile permissions.
  2. Have Rob authorize the Hoopla-Salesforce connector, since he has the proper permissions to view the report and fields needed in Hoopla.


What Salesforce permissions should the authorizing user have?

  1. Ability to view and run reports.
  2. Read, write, edit permissions for the "Hoopla Reports" folder.
  3. If you plan to use Streaming Newsflashes, make sure the authorizing user has Read, Create, Edit, and Delete permissions on the PushTopic object.
  4. If using the Salesforce role hierarchy to limit data access, the authorizing user needs access to data for every Hoopla user.

If you need help adjusting permissions, please speak with your Salesforce system administrator. 

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