TV Display Activation

TV Display activation gives Hoopla Admins the ability to control Hoopla TV Channels remotely, with the click of a button.  This process will also provide security for your Hoopla TV Channels and enable authorized TVs - determined by the Admin - to play/view a Hoopla TV Channel.

Activating a TV Display

  1. Open a Chrome window on your device (computer or other supported hardware) and enter in the address bar. Take note of the unique activation code shown at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Use the URL provided:, or if in the Hoopla Admin UI, navigate to Configure | Channels and TV | TV Displayand click Activate.
    Note: This step can be done from a different computer.
  3. Enter the activation code provided and name your display.
  4. After your TV display has been named, click Submit.

A message will appear, confirming your TV is activated and ready to display a Channel.

To Assign to a Channel:

  1. In the Hoopla Admin UI, navigate to Configure Channels and TV | TV Displays
  2. Select your TV
  3. Select the Hoopla Channel that you would like to broadcast, and save.

Whenever that activated TV or device accesses, it will play the assigned Hoopla TV Channel.

Viewing TV Display Status

In Configuration > TV Displays, you can see at a glance which displays are streaming their assigned Channel.

  • A green animated icon indicates an actively-streaming Channel
  • A gray icon indicates that the assigned Channel is not streaming
  • No icon will be present for devices without an assigned Channel
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