Team Leaderboards

Team Leaderboards allow you to view how Teams stack up against one another on Metrics. The Leaderboard will show the Team metric value (if present), or if no Team value exists, it will show the summed total of the Metric values of the members of the Team. On a Team Leaderboard, Teams are ranked by their Team values.

Here's how to create a Team Leaderboard:

  1. Go to Configuration > Leaderboards.

  2. Click Add > Team Leaderboard

  3. Name your Leaderboard.
    • Note: This name will show up as the Leaderboard title throughout Hoopla. 

  4. Select up to four Metrics to display on the Leaderboard.
    • The Metrics you have created are sorted in alphabetical order.
    • You can specify a display label for each Metric you select, which is helpful if you have really long Metric names!
    • Note: The 1st Metric will be the primary Metric used to rank Teams. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Metrics will be used as tiebreakers.
    • Note: If a Metric value is missing for a particular Team, we will auto-sum the values for the individuals on that Team. Learn more.

  5. Choose the Teams to display.
    • To learn how to create Teams, click here

  6. Choose Watchers of the Leaderboard who don't want to be ranked, but want to view Team rankings.

  7. Click Save.
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