Salesforce Streaming Newsflashes

If you are using the Salesforce integration in our Corporate Edition, you have the ability to create a Streaming Newsflash based on a Salesforce object. Specify the criteria that must be met, and Hoopla will track changes to the object. When the Newsflash is triggered, a notification is sent to Hoopla TV, kicking off a celebration of whatever milestone or activity just occurred. 

Streaming Newsflashes are meant to celebrate specific events based on Salesforce records, whereas Metric Newsflashes are geared toward celebrating milestone events such as a daily call goal or monthly revenue quota.

Streaming Newsflashes can also display contextual information from the record that triggered the Newsflash; e.g., "Opportunity Name" and "Amount".

Defining a Streaming Newsflash

  1. In Configuration, click on the Salesforce tile, then locate the section called Streaming Newsflashes and click Add.

  2. Select the Salesforce Object on which this Newsflash should be based.

  3. Give the Newsflash a name.

  4. Select the User Field that will determine who is recognized during the Newsflash.
    • This dropdown is populated with the standard and custom User fields that live on your selected Salesforce Object.

  5. Decide who you want to give Repost permissions to: only admins or all players and watchers (this determines who is allowed to repost a Newsflash that has fired)

  6. Under Evaluation Criteria, select when this Newsflash should be evaluated.

  7. In the Trigger Criteria section, add the criteria that will determine whether the Newsflash is triggered.
    • Each criterion is based on a standard or custom field on the selected Salesforce object. Related objects are not supported for Newsflashes. 
    • You can select multiple field values for picklist fields.
    • Note: if you're using the "contains" or "starts with" operators with a picklist field, Hoopla will match the field values from Salesforce, rather than the field labels.

  8. Add the Players who are eligible to be recognized with this Newsflash. Only Salesforce-provisioned Users can trigger a Newsflash.

  9. Customize the Title and Message that will be displayed on Hoopla TV during a Newsflash.
    • You can use Merge Fields to populate the Title and Message with information from the Salesforce record.
    • Use the Merge Field "Hoopla Player Name" to add the triggering User's name.

  10. Click OK, then Save.

  11. Each time the trigger criteria are met in Salesforce, the notification will appear on all Hoopla TV Channels to which that Newsflash has been added. 

Adding a Salesforce Newsflash to a Channel

  1. If you've configured a Salesforce Newsflash Trigger, you'll see it as an option in the Channel Detail view, within the Newsflashes section. 

  2. Click and drag your desired Newsflash to the middle column.

  3. Configure the Newsflash details within the right-most column.

  4. Save your Channel.


Note: Make sure the user who authorized Hoopla's connection to Salesforce has Read, Create, Edit, and Delete permissions on the "Push Topic" object, as well as the "Author Apex" permission. To do so, make sure your Salesforce Admin has edited these permissions in "Profiles" under "Administrative Setup."


Supported Objects

Streaming Newsflashes are based on PushTopic queries to Salesforce. All custom objects are supported in PushTopic queries, and the following standard objects are supported in PushTopic queries:

  • Account
  • Campaign
  • Case
  • Contact
  • Lead
  • Opportunity
  • Task
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