Update Metrics with File Upload

You can easily update multiple Metric values by uploading a spreadsheet to Hoopla. This is a great method for updating Metrics that are not automatically updated through one of our integrations.

  1. Format your spreadsheet for Hoopla.
    • You must have a column called Email, populated with your Hoopla users' email addresses.
    • The remaining columns should contain aggregated Metric values for each user.
    • Example:
      Email Calls Today Calls this Week


      47 178
      user2@example.com 53 166
  2. If you are an admin, you have access to the Uploads tab. Navigate to the tab, and click the File sub-tab.

  3. Drag and drop your spreadsheet file to the page, or click Choose a File.

  4. Any errors with the file upload will appear in the bottom section of the page.


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