Third-Party Integrations

Hoopla offers third-party integrations to help automate data updates from other apps, keeping your Leaderboards and Newsflashes up-to-date throughout your workday. Currently, Hoopla integrates with Salesforce, Google Sheets, Slack, Zapier & Twitter. 

Salesforce Integration

Hoopla's Salesforce integration allows you to:

  • Manage the addition and removal of Users in Hoopla, based on a User Provisioning report that you define in Salesforce.
  • Manage the membership of Teams in Hoopla, based on Team reports that you define in Salesforce.
  • Automate Metric updates by selecting Summary reports in Salesforce, then mapping selected report columns to Hoopla Metrics.
  • Configure Data Tables, which allow you to display a sorted list of Salesforce records on Hoopla TV.
  • Configure Newsflashes based on changes to Salesforce objects.


Google Sheets Integration

Hoopla's Google Sheets integration enables you to export data from Hoopla to Google Sheets, and import data from Google Sheets to Hoopla. In a Google Sheet, you can perform calculations on your Metric data, producing more complex Metrics than can then be pushed back into Hoopla. You do not have to map data in both directions, but it certainly opens up some fun possibilities if you're also using the Salesforce integration!


Slack Integration

Hoopla's Slack integration lets you create Newsflashes on-the-fly to announce important messages on Hoopla TV, directly from within Slack channels. You can set up unique triggers for specific Slack channels and Slack users, so that you can customize the look and feel of each message when it appears on Hoopla TV. 


Zapier Integration

Hoopla's Zapier integration allows you to increment or decrement metric values and post Newsflashes in Hoopla. Use this integration to connect data from hundreds of apps in the Zapier library to your Hoopla channel.


Twitter Integration

Hoopla's Twitter integration lets you display Tweets directly on your channel as a step type. You can show Tweets from an account, Tweets that mention an account, or Tweets containing a specific hashtag. If a Tweet contains an image or video hosted by Twitter, Hoopla will display it! To connect your Twitter account, go to Configuration and click on the Add Integration menu in the upper right corner. Click on Twitter, then authenticate with your Twitter credentials. 


Hoopla API

The Hoopla API enables developers to integrate Hoopla with other applications. Check out our developer hub for information related to our public API. 


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