Slack Integration

Hoopla's Slack connector allows you to post messages to Hoopla TV Channels, and even update Metric values, right within Slack. Use this integration to create Newsflashes on-the-fly to announce someone's birthday, congratulate someone on an achievement, remind your team to update their forecasts, and track how many times your reps congratulate each other. You can also set up Slack Patterns that can trigger Newsflashes and Metric updates automatically.

*Note: You must have an active Slack account configured in order to use this integration.

Enabling the Slack Integration

  1. In Configuration, click the Add Integration menu in the upper right corner, and select Slack.

  2. Click on the Slack tile that was just added to the Configuration page.

  3. Click Authenticate with OAuth to connect to your Slack team.

  4. Select the Slack team that you want to use with Hoopla.

  5. Click Authorize to allow Hoopla to integrate with your Slack team.

  6. Once authenticated, you can edit the default Slack Newsflash configuration, or add a new one. (See next section.)
    • The default Slack Newsflash is enabled for all Slack members and all Slack channels, meaning that anyone who types the "/hoopla" command will be able to trigger a Newsflash.

Creating a Slack Newsflash Trigger

  1. In Configuration, click on the Slack integration tile.

  2. Click Add to create a new Slack Newsflash that will trigger when you use the "/hoopla" command.

  3. Specify a name for this Newsflash.

  4. Optionally, specify a title that will appear on TV.

  5. Decide who you want to give Repost permissions to: only admins or all players and watchers (this determines who is allowed to repost a Newsflash that has fired)

  6. Select whether all Slack channels or specific channels will be eligible for users to trigger this Newsflash.
    • Why have different Slack Newsflash triggers for certain Slack channels?  You may want to have different transition videos for certain types of announcements. Having the ability to create different Slack Newsflashes across your Slack channels enables you to customize the way they appear on Hoopla TV, based on the Slack channel each message originates from.

  7. Select whether all Slack users or specific users will be eligible to use the "/hoopla" command in the specified Slack channel(s).

  8. Optionally, add Watchers who can view posted Slack Newsflashes in the Activity tab of the web and mobile apps.

  9. Click OK.

  10. Add your Slack Newsflash to one or more of your Hoopla Channels. (See next section.)


Add a Slack Newsflash to a Hoopla Channel

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Channels and edit your Hoopla Channel.

  2. Click on the Newsflashes sub-tab.

  3. Click and drag your Slack Newsflash from the list of available Newsflashes into the middle column.

  4. In the right-most column, configure the details for that Newsflash.

  5. Save your Channel.

Triggering a Slack Newsflash

Once you've added a Slack Newsflash to a Hoopla Channel, you can trigger it from within Slack, provided that you are an eligible Slack user and you use the "/hoopla" command within an enabled Slack channel.

  1. To post your announcement, type/hoopla [message] in one of the enabled Slack channels, and send.
    • If you want to include a link to unfurl in your Newsflash, you must enter the full web address (i.e. https://www...)
    • We are not able to unfurl URLs from websites that require logins (i.e. Facebook or Salesforce)
    • Link will unfurl after the Newsflash message is displayed on TV

  2. Hoopla will post your specified message to the Hoopla TV Channel(s) to which the Slack Newsflash has been added. 

  3. Anyone listed as a Watcher on the Slack Newsflash will be able to view your message in the Activity tab in the web and mobile apps.


Next, check out Slack Patterns, which can automatically trigger Newsflashes and Metric updates!

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