Common errors when using Salesforce connector

Here are some common errors you may see when using the Salesforce connector:

My report isn't available to select

You may not see a report you wish to map available as an option in the drop-down menu. Here are the most likely reasons:

  • the report is not in the right format. Metric reports must be in summary format, not matrix or tabular. User and Team reports must be tabular format on the User object.
  • you have selected to only show reports in the "Hoopla Reports" folder and your report isn't located there.
  • someone else authorized the connection between Hoopla and Salesforce, and that user can't see your report.

The report is grouped by a non-User ID 'John Doe'

This error indicates that the Salesforce field your report is summarized by is the wrong type. Hoopla needs metric reports that are summarized by user ids, not simply names. 

The most common way to do this is to summarize by a user look-up field, such as Owner, Created By or Assigned To. These fields display the user name, but also contain the user id as a hidden value. A simple way to check if you're not sure what type of field you are looking at is to see if the user's name can be clicked on to go to their profile page. User look-up fields are always clickable.

You can also use a text field containing the 15 digit user id, although this is rare.

Report is still running

When Hoopla fetches your report data from Salesforce, it can commonly take up to 15 seconds, and occasionally longer. If you happen to load the connector page during that window, you may see this message. This is normal. If you wait one minute and reload the page, the message should be gone. It may also appear by another report now.

You can also check the log at the bottom of the page to make sure all of your reports have processed recently.

New user isn't triggering Newsflash or updating metrics (wrong identity provider)

This problem may occur because one or more of your users have accounts linked to their email address, not their Salesforce account. This prevents them from using features related to SF. Adding users manually (on the Configuration/Users and Teams page) instead of through a SF report causes this. To fix:

1) Go to Configuration/Users and Teams. There is a column labelled identity provider. Find any users who have "Hoopla" listed instead of "Salesforce." If you want them linked to SF, delete their current account.
2) Go to the Salesforce settings page in Hoopla, and check which report is used for User Provisioning.
3) In Salesforce, confirm that report has the users you are trying to link to SF.
4) Back in Hoopla, click "Run Now" next to the report.

Within 5 minutes, the users should be linked to SF.


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