Streaming Newsflash Troubleshooting

"My Newsflashes aren't showing up on my TV Channel."

  1. Check to make sure you've added your Streaming Newsflash to the appropriate Channel.
    • Go to Configuration > Channels, and edit your Channel. Click on the Newsflashes sub-tab and drag your Newsflash to the middle column. Save.
  2. Ensure that you've added the appropriate users to the Streaming Newsflash definition. 
    • Go to Configuration > Settings > Salesforce Configure. Click on your Streaming Newsflash and scroll to the Players section. Ensure that the users you wish to recognize for this Newsflash are added. Save.
  3. See if the Newsflash is triggering at all. 
    • Navigate to the Activity tab and look in the "Recent" section to see if the Newsflash has triggered. If you do not see it, make sure you're added as a Watcher of the Newsflash:
      • Configuration > Settings > Salesforce Configure. Click on your Streaming Newsflash and scroll to the Watchers section. Ensure that you are added as a Watcher. Save. Once you've become a Watcher, you will get all future notifications; you will not see any prior events.


"My Newsflashes aren't triggering at all."

  1. Ensure that the appropriate users are added to the Streaming Newsflash definition. See number 2 above.
  2. Check that you are using supported criteria.
    • Opportunity "Won" and "Closed" checkboxes are not supported by Salesforce. Instead, use "Stage equals Closed Won" or whatever Stage values designate a closed-won deal in your org.
    • Formula fields are not supported by Salesforce.
    • Some Salesforce workflow rules will interfere with Streaming Newsflashes. Keep your Streaming Newsflash criteria simple and streamlined. When possible, do not rely on fields that are updated via Salesforce workflows.


If you have verified that your Streaming Newsflash is configured properly, following all the steps above, and you still don't see Newsflash events in the Activity tab or on your Channel, please file a support ticket with the following information:

  • Name of Streaming Newsflash
  • Name of person who should have been recognized
  • Time it should have been triggered
  • Salesforce record ID for the record that should have triggered the Streaming Newsflash
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