Generic Metrics

A Generic Identifier value is not necessarily associated with a User or Team. You can use them to track things like Website VisitsFree Trial Signups, or Webinar Registrations. Generic values can be added or updated manually, through our Google Sheets integration, or through our public API.

Adding a Generic Identifier Value Manually

  1. Within an existing or new Metric, navigate to the Generic Identifier sub-tab.
  2. Enter a name for the Generic Identifier. You can use Generic IDs that you've used before, or define a new one.
  3. Assign a value to the Generic Identifier.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for any other values you want to track for this Metric, then click Save.


Metric Name: Lead Source Conversion Rates

Generic Identifier Value
Facebook Ads 10%
LinkedIn Ads 23%


Metric Name: Webpage Visits

Generic Identifier Value
Home Page 25,629
Product Page 20,093


Adding a Generic Identifier Value via Google Sheets

  1. Within a Google spreadsheet, create a new sheet tab.
  2. Add a column with the label Generic Identifier.
    1. Within that column, enter one or more names that will carry metric values. (See examples above.) You can use Generic IDs that you've used before, or define a new one.
  3. Assign a value to each Generic Identifier.
  4. In Hoopla Configuration > Settings > Google Sheets Configure, add or edit a spreadsheet mapping configuration. In the Google → Hoopla section, select your Generic Identifier sheet tab and map the appropriate columns to their corresponding Hoopla Metrics. Save.


Using Generic Identifier Values

You can use Generic values in Number steps within your Hoopla TV Channel. This is a perfect way to showcase key performance indicators that drive your business.

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