Quickfire Newsflashes

What are Quickfire Newsflashes?

Quickfire Newsflashes help you and your team make announcements on the fly, without having to trigger the Newsflash with a Metric update or some other integration. For example, a sales rep can thank the SDRs for helping them close a deal, or the CSMs can give a shout-out to the product team for releasing a cool new feature!

Configuring a Quickfire Newsflash

  1. In the Configure tab, click Newsflashes Quickfire Newsflashes.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Enter a name for your Quickfire Newsflash.
  4. Enter a title for your Quickfire Newsflash.
    • Note: This is optional, but this is what will appear on the TV when the Newsflash fires
  5. If you want to hide the poster's name and image on the TV, check the box under Title on TV
  6. Decide who you want to give Repost permissions to: only admins or all players and watchers (this determines who is allowed to repost a Newsflash that has fired)
  7. In the Enabled Users section, specify the people who are eligible to fire this Newsflash
  8. Optionally, add Watchers. Watchers will get to view the Quickfire Newsflash events in the Activity tab of the web and mobile applications.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Finally, go into Configure > Channels and TV Channels. Edit a Channel and go to Newsflashes and drag that Quickfire Newsflash into the middle column to add it to your Channel.

Click here to see how you can trigger a Quickfire Newsflash.

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