Team Metric Calculation with Excel

If you’re looking to track Team goal attainment or Team metrics in general, this article explains how to achieve that through our Excel Online Integration.

You have the option of configuring Hoopla to sync Team Membership information for each user who appears in the Hoopla Mapped sheet tab in your Excel Sheet. In a separate sheet tab, you can use that Team Membership information to calculate Team Metric values based on Player values that you already have in Hoopla. Once you have Team Metric values, you can map them back into Hoopla and use them on Leaderboards!

How to Enable Team Membership Syncing

  1. In Configuration, click on the Excel Online tile and either add a new Excel Online mapping or edit your existing one.

  2. Under the Hoopla → Excel mappings section, there is a link to "Show team membership syncing". Click the link to reveal the setting.

  3. Toggle the switch to "ON" if you want to start syncing team membership to your spreadsheet.

  4. Click OK and Save. 
    (For help mapping Metrics, check out these articles on mapping from Hoopla → Excel,
    and from Excel → Hoopla.)

How Team Membership Syncing Works

Each time Hoopla syncs with your Excel Sheet, each user’s Team Membership will update along with any updated Metric values that you’re syncing to the Hoopla Mapped sheet tab. The column called “Team Membership” will always show the list of current Teams that the user belongs to. The Team names are separated by the “|” character so that you can reliably calculate Team Metric values on other sheet tabs within your spreadsheet.

How to Calculate Team Metric Values

Once Team Membership information is synced within the Hoopla Mapped tab, you can use our Excel Online add-in called Hoopla Excel Helper to quickly aggregate Team values. (This article relates to a feature that has yet to be released. Contact your CSM if you are interested in being notified when the add-on is live.)

  1. Enable our Hoopla Helper add-on in your Excel account.

  2. In your Excel Sheet go to the Insert Tab > Office Add-ins > navigate to store and search for Hoopla Software > click add to add Hoopla to your Excel Online account. 

  3. You should now see a Team Calculations link in your tool bar. Click on this button.

  4. Select the Metric columns that you wish to aggregate for one or more Teams. 

  5. Choose how to aggregate those columns (sum, average, count), then click "Create Team Calculations Tab".

  6. The Add-on will create a sheet called "Team Calculations" and auto-populate the sheet with Team values based on the Metrics you selected in step 3.
    • The Team membership information present in the "Hoopla Mapped" sheet tab determines the Teams listed in the "Team Name" column.
    • You may want to rename some of the Metrics in the "Team Calculations" sheet tab, depending on the aggregation function you used.

  7. Once your Team Metric values are calculated, you can map the desired columns back to Hoopla Metrics in the Excel → Hoopla section of your mappings in Hoopla. 
    (Configuration > Excel Online > edit mappings.)


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