The Calendar Event Step is great way to give your employees extra recognition on their birthdays, work anniversaries or even when new hires start! Before pulling this step into your lineup, you'll need to populate these dates into each of your users' profiles. You can either mass upload the dates into Hoopla via spreadsheet or have your team go into their profile and add the dates themselves.

Format Your Spreadsheet for Hoopla

  • You must have a column called Email, populated with your Hoopla users' email addresses.
  • The remaining columns should contain the appropriate labels: Birthday and Anniversary.
  • For Birthdays, the date must be listed by month and then date, e.g. 12/19 for December 19th. Β No need to provide a year as we will not use or display a year.
  • For Anniversaries, the date must be listed by month, then date, then year, e.g. 5/1/2013 for May 1st, 2013. Β The year is necessary in this case because we will display the number of years each employee is celebrating.

Upload your Birthdays & Anniversaries

  1. Navigate to Users & Teams tile.
  2. In the upper right hand corner, click on the Add button and select Birthdays & Anniversaries.
  3. Drag and drop your spreadsheet to the page, or click Choose a File.
  4. If you're missing any dates, not to worry! We will upload only the information that is listed. Once the upload is complete, each User listed in your spreadsheet will see their birthday and/or work anniversary populated into their Profile.

Note: Birthdays & Anniversaries are optional fields, so anyone may delete either date in their Profile if they don't want that information displayed on the TV.

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